Friday, May 21, 2010

What a day - have not painted yet - I needed to renew my driver's license today - not on line, but in person. Now the DMV is requiring multiple documents to prove you are who you say you are - no problem there. Then the eye test comes up - I have had a lazy left eye since I was a kiddo. I go to take the eye test and fail due to my contacts are not strong enough. On top of that they take my pic when I am about to lose it! So I leave there and am not sure what to do. So...I go to my eye doc just in case he can see me and lo and behold, bless his heart, he fit me in and put a touric lens in my left eye and filled out the paperwork needed. I go back to the license bureau and I'm waiting when the guy who had been going over my paperwork recognizes me as having been there before - no de javous either!!! He gives me the eye test again - arghhhh! I recognized a few more letters and was much better - I told him my eye doc was going to give me a stronger lens soon. While I was there the computers in the place locked up - I swear I did not put a hex on them!!! The man started to ask me what I did and I told him I am a watercolor artist. He was very nice and finally offered my renewed license. He also took another pic of me since the first was pretty bad!
I will not have to renew my license until 2018 - so, I will worry about the next renewal much later!!! i will be posting my new paintings later today or tomorrow!

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