Monday, May 24, 2010

As I said on facebook, Bearanne is now 12 years old!!! She is in good shape, we walk her every day and try to keep her weight low. I have attached a pic of her in a New Year's Hat - too cute!

Friday, May 21, 2010

What a day - have not painted yet - I needed to renew my driver's license today - not on line, but in person. Now the DMV is requiring multiple documents to prove you are who you say you are - no problem there. Then the eye test comes up - I have had a lazy left eye since I was a kiddo. I go to take the eye test and fail due to my contacts are not strong enough. On top of that they take my pic when I am about to lose it! So I leave there and am not sure what to do. So...I go to my eye doc just in case he can see me and lo and behold, bless his heart, he fit me in and put a touric lens in my left eye and filled out the paperwork needed. I go back to the license bureau and I'm waiting when the guy who had been going over my paperwork recognizes me as having been there before - no de javous either!!! He gives me the eye test again - arghhhh! I recognized a few more letters and was much better - I told him my eye doc was going to give me a stronger lens soon. While I was there the computers in the place locked up - I swear I did not put a hex on them!!! The man started to ask me what I did and I told him I am a watercolor artist. He was very nice and finally offered my renewed license. He also took another pic of me since the first was pretty bad!
I will not have to renew my license until 2018 - so, I will worry about the next renewal much later!!! i will be posting my new paintings later today or tomorrow!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yipes, life can be soooo busy, but I have finally finished my paperwork from the grant program I have been working on. Anywho, back to the blog - as I told you the other day, I have painted Bearanne in her Halloween outfit(the little pumpkin hat) - she really did not want to wear it, but we snapped a few pics before taking it off! Hope you enjoy!
Unfortunately, I have not heard from the bigger Yorkie organization I wrote to - perhaps I will be donating to the local Humane Society - I'll be checking!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello, followers! I have disappointing news - I called Yorkie Rescue today and they have declined my offer. I will pursue another venue, but I really thought they would be excited. I'll let you know what comes next for my painting ventures - have a wonderful day! (hopefully, I will be able to post Bearanne's pic later today!) She is soooo cute!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It has been a very busy week and I am finally getting back to my blog. I finished a project with school kids Thursday, went to a fund raiser on Friday night, and helped with audio visual set-up and take down on Saturday. Whew - thank goodness for Mom's Day.
It was exciting Friday night - I was painting in front of hundreds of folks at a fund raiser - I finished the painting and someone won it!!!
I am very excited about tomorrow since I will be contacting Yorkie Rescue! Will let you know what they say! In the meantime, I have painted a pic of Bearanne in her Halloween outfit. She looks adorable, but was not excited about the hat! The painting will be downloaded later today - then onto another painting as my goal of 2 yorkie paintings per week! More news tomorrow - Happy Mom's Day:)

Monday, May 3, 2010

I called Yorkie Rescue this afternoon. I spoke to one of the reps., but I have to wait a week to speak with someone in charge. line of painting two Yorkie pics per week, I will paint my Yorkie - we must have a thousand pictures! Thanks for following - this is such a unique and fun adventure! Look for the next Yorkie painting coming soon to a blog near you!
This is a picture of Bearanne (our Yorkie's name) and her daddy in the mountains of North Carolina!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is my new blog - welcome aboard! I am a watercolor artist from Malabar, Florida. One of my specialties is pet portraits. As you can see from my photo on my facebook page, my Yorkie holds a special place in my heart. She has been with us for 12 years and is extremely spoiled despite the fact that she has 3 "cat brothers"!
So, here is my challenge - I am going to call Yorkie Rescue (Florida) and offer to paint some of their rescue dogs. I will be selling the paintings on-line and will donate 20% of the sale to Yorkie Rescue.
My brother called me from New York last night to remind me of May Day (May 1). When we were kids we got little baskets filled with candy on May Day - and, of course, you remember the May Pole.
Anyway, getting back to my challenge - May seems like a great time to start this project. I will hope to finish 2 small paintings a week and post them on my blog. I am really looking forward to this new venture and hope you will follow my progress!
I have posted my watercolor painting of our Yorkie for you to see!